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Artists Impression (high resolution) (jpg)
28 September 2014
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This is an artists impression of how the WaveMaster Systems Wave Pool might appear. It may be configured as a right-breaking wave, or a left-breaking wave. The length of the ride in this illustration is 60 metres although this may be increased if your budget permits. The 'killer' advantage that this design of wave pool has over competing systems is the wave repetition rate. The waves are particularly smooth and 'laminar-flow' which replicates the behaviour of real ocean waves having a long 'fetch'.

Press Release (pdf)
19 August 2014
WaveMaster Systems announce new wave pool design
The search for the perfect wave may be over as WaveMaster Systems announces the development of new wave pool technology. As a surfer, engineer, and physicist, John Baxendale has spent the past five years perfecting the technology used in the WaveMaster system. It offers a novel way of generating ocean style waves for surfers. It is more effective than existing wavemakers and offers a better quality of wave...

Document (pdf)
29 August 2014
In Search of the Perfect Wave
Please allow me to introduce myself. I've been an active surfer since my teens, but I'm also a professional physicist and a successful engineer directly responsible for...

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