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Whilst very impressive to watch, please remember that wave parks such as Siam Tenerife and Wadi Adventure represent investments of many millions of dollars, and it does not make economic sense to have a 20 million dollar wave park produce only one surfable wave every 90 seconds. Consequently these parks are usually open to the non-surfing general public for most of the time, in order to be economic.
Similarly with the standing wave generators, they are usually only able to accommodate one surfer at a time, at great cost.
Therefore the most important metric in surf park design is the number of surfers that can be accommodated per hour for a given price. There is little economic sense in having a 20 million dollar wave pool that can only provide one surfer with one ride every 90 seconds!

The Delta Flume at Delft
This is the opening wave of the Delta Flume at Delft in the Netherlands.
This video demonstrates how a very large wave can be created by focussing techniques. The new flume is 300 metres long, 9.5 metres deep and 5 metres wide. This length is needed to simulate wave formation on gradually rising coasts. The depth makes it possible to generate waves up to 4.5 metres high. Waves this big cannot be generated anywhere else in the world. This major advance requires a 10-metre-high wave board that is moved to and fro using hydraulic cylinders.
Surf Park Central
Surf Park Central brings together the industries top academics, researchers, investors, developers, suppliers, surfers and industry representatives to accelerate the future of sustainable surf.
As they see it, the mission is clear: build authentic, sustainable and profitable surfing experiences to grow the surf industry and provide the mental, physical and emotional stoke of surfing outside the ocean. To do this, they are gathering the industries top minds to discuss the opportunities and challenges related to sustainable development of man-made surf parks.
The Wave - Bristol
Nick Hounsfield id the CEO of the proposed 'The Wave' to be built in Bristol. They are raising funds through a CrowdFunding website.
'The Wave' originally intended to use the WaveGarden technology, but have now apparently switched to the Surf Loch technology, using a modular array of wave generators, acivated by pneumatic pressure.
Tom Lochtefeld is the inventor of the FlowRider® and FlowBarrel® sheet waves systems bringing ocean thrills to anywhere in the world, the Wave House concept is a complete package, transporting the California beach and surf lifestyle to anywhere in the world; a retail, live music, entertainment, and food and beverage package with the FlowRider and FlowBarrel sheet waves at the center. Board riders from the highest peaks to the middle of the Pacific Ocean travel to their nearest Wave House to practice endless repetition of their moves on the endless wave – which has become a world-class training tool for board athletes of all disciplines.
American Wave Machines
Bruce McFarland is the President and Founder of American Wave Machines, Inc. The technology originated with multiple shapes put into a stream of water to make a standing wave pop up. This is basically the same phenomenon as a big rapid in a river. You ride it facing upstream. The wave doesn’t move position, so you can ride endlessly. The technology has made jumps now to create about five different types of waves in the same system. By controlling the water and our stream channel we can make very stable beginner waves, very natural standing waves which are deeper and more challenging, and the ultimate barreling waves – rights, lefts, or both at once.
Kelly Slater Wave Company
Kelly Slater - eleven time World Surfing Champion. Arguably one of the most travelled surfers on the planet. A leading tastemaker for the lifestyle and expert in the nature of waves. Kelly's technology now seems to be producing quality waves, but the key figures for waves per hour and the delay required for truly glassy waves have not been released. It is not yeat clear how Kelly's wave generator differs in principal from the Wave Garden technology. WSL Holdings, the parent company of the World Surf League (WSL), recently announced an agreement in principle to acquire a majority stake in the Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC).
Surf Snowdonia / Wave Garden
Surf Snowdonia built their lagoon on a derelict industrial site which was once home to an aluminium factory. In the construction phase they removed a hundred years worth of industrial waste and recycled thousands of tonnes of stone and metal. Surf Snowdonia sits just a few metres away from the banks of the River Conwy and is close to a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Its also a focal point for the village of Dolgarrog. They are proud that they have been able to completely transform the sites environmental integrity and legacy. Surf Snowdonia are using Wave Garden technology.
Fred's Island
A surfer from Australia named Fred Coblyn engineered this design and has been doing everything possible over the past couple of years to make it into a fully functioning wave pool. He set out to produce a quality wave that would allow for a safe surfing environment and be affordable to the general public. The most unique feature of his design is an artificial reef, keeping surfers safe as it allows the wave to break in deeper water. Not only that, but the artificial reef can also adjust and change shape to vary the level of the wave to meet the ability of the surfer.
Webber Wave Pools
The Smartpark claims to be the precinct of the future. The Smartpark will house a Webber Wave Pool, skatepark, retail, hospitality and potential accommodation.
Wadi Adventure
Wadi Adventure is the Middle East’s first man made whitewater rafting, kayaking and surfing facility.
Surfing in the desert? They have built a two meter high right handed wave of chlorinated water in the shadow of Jebel Hafeet in the middle of the Arabian desert of the United Arab Emirates,. You don't even need to bring your own surfboard. It produces a wave that breaks every ninety seconds. Kayaking, rafting and other sports are also available.

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