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Artists Impression of a WaveMaster Installation
Introducing the WAVE-MASTER
There has been a recent surge of interest in recreational wave pool technologies. No longer need surfers travel half-way round the planet to find their perfect wave. At the heart of each wave pool is the wave generator, whose function is to create the waves themselves.
All wave pools built to date have significant limitations. Without any doubt, perfection is achievable but without quality smooth waves off the wave generator, high reliability and a high repetition rate, you can never get perfection in the pool!
Clearly, the perfect wave generator is elusive, but, led by the vision and ingenuity of John Baxendale, Wave-Master have created a technology for generating perfect waves on demand. For millions of surfers around the world this is an exciting development that promises to make a reality of what has appeared an ambitious fantasy for decades.
Watch these videos to understand how the laws of physics and hydrodynamics lead inexorably to the design of the perfect wave pool.
"Unlike all other existing and planned wave pools, the Wave-Master system has no compressed-air systems, hydraulics or pneumatics, no dangerous moving underwater profiles or expensive water jet systems. It's just a simple yet highly energy-efficient piston-type modular wave generator that exquisitely matches real-world ocean waves. It can produce single waves on demand, or new waves every fifteen seconds. It is this repetition rate that is head and shoulders above the competition." - John Baxendale
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In Search of the Perfect Wave outlines the background to the development of the Wave-Master. The application of Scientific Method leads to the concept of a perfect wave generator and the design of the pool.

First Point Noosa is an almost perfect example of a right-hand point break. Located in Queensland, Noosa is a great wave on which to model our wave pool.

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